Adam Seger- The Dining Experience Goes Much Beyond Taste

Adam Seger- The Dining Experience Goes Much Beyond Taste

If you are fond of dining out, you will notice that bad customer service can ruin your experience and stop you from returning to the restaurant or bar again. This isn’t good in the hospitality industry, and the staff needs to be well-trained in the area so that guests feel welcomed and valued every time they walk in to have their meals.┬áThat is why; training the staff adequately becomes imperative in the industry.

Adam Seger is a widely respected professional in the USA’s hospitality, food, beverage, and taste industry. He has earned his CCP or Certified Culinary Professional from The International Association of Culinary Professionals and his Advanced Sommelier accreditation from The Court of Master Sommeliers. He is a pioneer of farm to bar movement. He has created and curated beverage and cocktail features for fundraisers and openings of key exhibits like The Art Institute of Chicago and recently for The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He has also been dubbed as a “Spirits Guru” in the USA by Food and Wine Magazine and is one of the foremost visionary mixologists in the nation. 

Industry professional with rich knowledge 

He is a specialist in the industry and claims that he is obsessed with ingredients like a chef and the distinguished palate of a wine geek. In 2008, he was named Time Out Chicago’s Best Mixologist and featured in Newcity Mexico and GQ.

He has spent several years training and working with the globe’s best sommeliers and chefs. He has gained broad expertise and knowledge in the food and beverage sector and understands its hospitality side. This is why he has come forward to share his knowledge with fellow professionals by teaching them the necessary industry skills to flourish in their careers. He has a passion for teaching, and this helps others start their professional careers as service providers, chefs, and bartenders. 

Passionate about food and drink 

He is highly passionate about drinking and food. He believes the dining experience goes much beyond taste, and people deserve nothing but the best! They should be hosted in a place that makes them feel very comfortable, and from the moment they enter a bar or a restaurant, they should be made to feel they are at the right place at the correct time. The onus of the staff present is to make them feel valued and are the top priority to them. 

Currently, Adam Seger is writing his first book to delve deeper into his unique philosophy of “drink as we eat.” His years of experience as a culinary professional and a mixologist help him share his knowledge with cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders to go the extra mile with beverages to make customers happy with the experience! For creating a memorable and enjoyable dining experience, the atmosphere, the service, the interiors of the bar or restaurant, and the menu all play an indispensable role in it.

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