Tips to Be Aware When You Are Purchasing LED Lights for Your Home

architectural LED lighting solution

LED lights have soared in popularity in the last few years. They are light-emitting codes available in a variety of colours and draw in less energy. The best part is that they fit into the sockets of your home in an easy way. If LED lights have been an attraction for you and since you are planning to install one, then get in touch with a professional LED light manufacturer at the earliest. Now in the quest of purchasing LED for your home, there are certain pointers you have to keep in mind.

Keep a track of the lumens

A notable feature associated with LED bulbs is that they do not use a lot of electricity. Even a small amount of electrical recharge is enough to keep on charging. With the aid of watts, you will not be able to judge their brightness. Instead, it is better to observe the lumens that measure the brightness. For example, 60 watts of a bulb has 800 lumens whereas for a 100-watt bulb it is 1600 lumens.

Figure out the colour temperature

Manufacturers rely on the use of Kelvin temperature to reveal the white shade of a bulb. Normally the colour tends to fall in the bracket of 2700 to 6500 Kelvin. When the Kelvin score is low the bulbs tend to be warmer and yellow and this replicates natural light. Ideally, it is better to pick the shade serving the purpose of the bulb.

When it is LED bulbs for your home observe CRI

 CRI is referred to as colour rendering index where manufactures are known to describe colour accuracy for a light. In this case, 100 is a perfect accuracy score as all the manufacturers are not going to rely on a CRI score. It points to a sign of quality light.

LED bulbs for home – Pointers to keep in mind

In a traditional socket, a LED bulb has to slot. Before you are planning to switch over to LED observe the sockets properly. Be aware of their depth and position and this is a point to keep in mind when you are looking for LED replacement bulbs. The old or damaged sockets have to be replaced. Then it is better to be choosing bulbs that have smart features incorporated in them.

With the help of a smartphone app, you can control and monitor an LED light, with an additional feature to change colours. In spite of the fact that the bulbs cost more, they are excellent for indoor or outdoor lighting.

The moment you have any doubts about the colour temperature it is better to be heading towards the lower end of the Kelvin scale and opt for bulbs that churn in warm light. In fact, they replicate the form of a traditional light where you can stay away from harsh light that does look a tinge unpleasant during the evening times.

Harping on the features of Kelvin lights could work out if the area is small. But in a way, the actual red along with blue lights could be a great one to experiment but they are not going to work wonders for a long term light perspective. While looking at the options of ascent lights you can stick to the use of colours. At this point in time, the colour changing LEDs can be of immense help as an off white Led light can capture the attention of the people. Even it goes on to illuminate all the corners of your home. A point of consideration is doing not make things a lot bright.

When it is the case of parties you can opt for string LED lights. This is a viable solution for an architectural LED lighting solution and has received numerous accolades. You can go on to program a LED bulb in a variety of ways and when it outdoors sticks to the use of string lights. It also works out to be useful if you are planning to install lights under the cabinets.

With LED lights if you purchase the right one they could dim. A drawback is that they might not be able to work with the old switches. It is really important to purchase a LED bulb that is dim and works with the switch that you have.

Even it is suggested that you go on to purchase a LED bulb from a top-quality manufacturer. A reason is that they go on to serve you for a long period of time and not something that is years after years. In fact, quality works out to be important and these bulbs are just going to take the form of a traditional bulb. Always purchase quality bulbs and even if it means you have to throw in a few extra bucks.

Then it is important that you keep a watch out for the enclosed LED bulbs. The reason being recessed light could be deemed dangerous for a LED bulb. Though they are going to produce a small degree of heat it is highly prone to heat damage. By an enclosed bulb it enables to get rid of heat in an easy way that could create havoc with a LED bulb that is not designed for such a situation.

Before you are going to purchase a LED light go through the labels properly. Manufacturers are able to cash in on the benefits of LED lights with the same set of specifications. You can compare the bulbs by going through the information on the labels. In this regard, it is essential that you undertake a proper degree of research on the same.

Another tip to keep in mind is to stay away from extreme temperatures. The reason being higher temperatures could assimilate in a quick manner when it is a LED bulb as it is not a great bet for its long life. When it is LED bulbs a suggestion is to stick for mild temperature and for outdoors use them as per necessity.

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