Some unique ways to celebrate RakshaBandhan during the lockdown

Some unique ways to celebrate RakshaBandhan during the lockdown

RakshaBandhan is all about celebrations of the sweetest relationship between brothers and sisters. On this day, the duo takes an oath to love, care, and support each other in every up and down of life. Beautiful Rakhi threads, several varieties of delicious sweets, Rakhi gifts, and other colorful rituals are the beauties of this festival. No one can skip attending such an occasion with their beloved family members. But if you can’t do exciting things with your family as you did in all the previous years then that’s ok. Because it is for our good that we stay at home during this pandemic and restrict ourselves from some enjoyments. However, it is never ok to let the day go without putting any effort to make it a memorable one. It is said that when there are adversities, we tend to become more creative. So, take advantage of the unique chance you have got to celebrate RakshaBandhandifferently. Do something that you have never done before for your sister or brother. Here are a few things you can do to make this RakshaBandhan a memorable one.

Tie virtual Rakhi if you can’t meet each other

Didn’t you get the tickets to go toRakhi this time? Did you miss the chance to meet your sister on this special day? Then do one thing! Video call your sister after you are ready with everything needed at your desks, such as the Rakhi thread she has sent, roli and chawal, and all other items you would need to get the Rakhi tied on your wrist. As she picks the call she will be amazed to see you all set for that very special moment of the festival. Do everything that’s supposed to be carried out according to the rituals, but in a virtual way. You can share the photographs and screenshots of this amazing video call on your social media pages.

Send Rakhi Gifts online at early morning

Remember how your sister would wake you up in the early morning on every RakshaBandhan? This time, surprise her with a twist in the early hours of the day. Order beautiful Rakhi gifts for her and opt for an early morning gift delivery. When she goes to pick the gifts at an early hour, she will be surprised like never before. This way, she will not only feel good but also her entire day will brighten up.

Send chocolates and flowers

How can you even imagine the day of RakshaBandhan without a pack of your favorite chocolates! No matter if you are a sweet sister or a cool brother, you always opt to buy a pack of chocolates to surprise each other. So this time, add a bunch of freshly picked flowers to the gift of chocolates and make it look mesmerizing. Send such beautiful combos of chocolates and flowers online through MyFlowerApp.Com and avail of exciting features of advanced delivery. 

Play  an online game together and share your results

Your online game choice might have never complied with each other but this day, leave all your prejudice back and get along to play the game that you have never tried before. You can play an online game together at home or play it at the same time as your phones. Share your final results and also with your friends on Instagram and Facebook. You can also appreciate the winner with some gifts.

Order Rakhi theme cake

If you think that sweets are too mainstream, then add a western twist to the Indian culture and cut a Rakhi theme cake on this special day. Try chocolate, strawberry, black forest, and Oreo flavored creamy cakes. You can order any cake for your home or send it to the address of your brother and sister wherever they are.

Get a pair of personalized t-shirts

Get quoted or photo personalized t-shirts for your brother or sister on this RakshaBandhan. Wearing same tshirt with beautiful Rakhi quotes or your pictures will be great fun to cherish togetherness on this day. If you are out of the city, you can send one of the pairs to your sibling, and then you both can wear your own to share a picture collage.

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