Why is Link Analysis so Crucial for SEO Analysts?

In the early days of Google SEO, high ranking on the search engine was a factor of the number of backlinks a website had. Put simply, a website with more backlinks would naturally get better search rankings on Google irrespective of content. This used to happen back in the early years of the century.

Since SEOs only needed backlinks to get better rankings, they had no incentive to write quality content. This meant a lot of websites ranking high didn’t actually have good quality content. All SEOs who write good content didn’t necessarily get rewarded for the quality of their content.

However, this equation changed when Google started taking the quality of content into account and discounting poor quality backlinks. SEOs could no longer depend on the quantity of backlinks to get better search rankings. In fact, the quality of the backlinks accumulated by a website can be a major factor in sending the search rankings of the platform tumbling down.

Link analysis is essential for modern SEO analysts. Having bad links can become the reason for a website falling in SERPs and losing a lot of organic traffic. Thus, SEOs have to give a lot of attention to link analysis these days.

In this article, we discuss why link analysis is important for SEO analysts.

Building Relevant Backlinks

If you’ve been running a website for a long time, you will know how irrelevant backlinks have a habit of creeping in. There are a number of reasons why this happens.

First, other lower DA websites can start linking to your websites. While this is not inherently bad, if the lower DA websites are not relevant in any way to the main website, the backlinks can end up harming the website.

Thus, it becomes important for SEOs to ensure the backlinks they create to be relevant and of a reasonably good quality.

Improving DA

Another important reason for deep link analysis is DA score optimization. DA plays an undeniably important role in deciding the search ranking a website gets. Some websites rank for keywords much more quickly than others. This is because they have a much more DA score than others.

To improve DA, link analysis is crucial. Websites can find the bad links they have that are pulling their DA down. Furthermore, link analysis also sets the stage for websites to create a framework to start getting high DA backlinks.

In Conclusion: Backlinks are an important part of the SEO game. It is imperative to create a good backlink to ensure success. In this article, we discussed why link analysis is so crucial for SEO analysts.

About the Author: Vijay Salunke is an SEO analyst and social media marketer. He works as a consultant at, the one stop for a good digital marketing course in Delhi.

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