When to Update your CV?

When to Update your CV?

Before getting to the heart of the matter of writing a CV, it is essential to understand that your curriculum vitae is your entry card into the company. It is your technical sheet, the image you leave of yourself to recruiters. Thus, it must reflect your personality and prove that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

The Right Time to Update a CV

Writing a CV is not a simple administrative task. It’s all art because it does double duty. First, you must be impactful both from the point of view of form and content. Few people think of standardizing their paper and digital CVs, yet it is the combination of the two that constitutes your identity in the eyes of recruiters. A CV is not a fixed summary of data, it evolves as you do over time. The advantage is that you can create a free cv online to make it easier for you.

So, when to update your resume? Whether you have a current job or you are still a student, if there is one thing you need to remember to keep up to date, it is your CV. Making these updates as you go (your certifications, your job changes, etc.) will save you time when you apply because you will only have to orient your CV according to the job offer aimed.

When to Make a New CV?

Nowadays, recruiters prefer concise CVs. They often favour candidates who get straight to the point. Plus, they get so many applications that they do not have time to read it all. Therefore, they only retain resumes that are only a page or two long. This means that you have to rewrite your resume every time you apply for a new position. This way, you have a better chance of being shortlisted. What you need to do is sort the information so that you only keep the information that relates to the position sought.

Again, being able to create a free resume online can help. It won’t take you some time to update the document. Besides, you can choose a different template for each CV. Remember that presentation is a major asset. While content is essential, the originality and elegance of your resume can trigger a great first impression on the reader. So, even if you are applying for the same position but two different companies, we advise you to adapt the form of your CV to the image of each company to increase your chances of being recruited.

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