What are the latest Features Available in A Smart TV?

The introduction of smart TVs has changed the TV landscape, along with the way we consume content. Smart TVs empower us like never before, and we no longer have to log into our laptops to watch movies and shows on over-the-top (OTT) media services like Netflix, HotStar and Prime Video. Instead of watching our favourite movies or matches on our small laptop screens, smart TVs provide us the option to stream the content on our massive TV units, which not only provides greater convenience, but also enhances our audio-visual experience.

Through our smart TV units, we can surf the web, watch our favourite movies and TV shows online, and even log into our social media accounts, without the need to sit on our laptops or use our smartphones. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with USB connectivity ports, we can pair or connect peripheral devices to our smart TVs, and reminisce about the past, by recollecting our precious memories that were captured on video cameras, or go through image slide shows. While the best smart TV  keeps getting smarter, here are a few of the latest features we can find in our smart TVs.

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  • Universal Guide

Samsung has been a pioneer in the television manufacturing industry, and has played a vital role in changing the status quo when it comes to TV units. As a brand, Samsung has also positioned itself as one of the leading TV brands globally, and has mostly focused on providing premium TVs to the high-end consumers. More recently, Samsung launched its Samsung Frame TV 2020 line-up in India, and the brand introduced a few revolutionary concepts which will change how we search for new content on our smart TVs.

The new Samsung smart TV line-up comes with an AI-powered Universal Guide, and aims to eliminate the need for Chromecast. The Universal Guide will automatically ‘learn’ your preferences in movies and shows, along with your favourite genres. Furthermore, the AI-powered system will later make intelligent suggestions that are based on the user’s viewing history. Moreover, as the Universal Guide keeps tabs on the content being watched by the user, Samsung will be able to offer quick, hassle-free shortcuts to take the user back to their current episode, regardless of which OTT platform it is from.

Thus, the Universal Guide will eliminate the need to visit a particular OTT platform, as the user can return to the episode they were previously watching, while the Universal Guide would also give them recommendations about what movies or shows to watch next.

  • Universal Search

Smart TVs like LG TVs come with universal search and web browser features, which help the users in finding what they want online. Universal Search also scours the internet for movies, TV shows and user-generated content, and the results can be further filtered by the user. Universal Search is a powerful tool, which equips the smart TV user with the ability to find anything and everything on the internet.

  • Home Cloud Feature

Samsung, in its latest range of smart TVs has included the Home Cloud feature, which provides the user access to one single place, where they can store their pictures and videos, and later view them on their smart TV wirelessly. This feature will eliminate the need for peripheral and storage devices, as users can store the content they require on the cloud, and can access them at any point in time without the need to connect to external devices.

  • Personal Computer Mode

Smart TVs like the Samsung Series 4 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TV  (UA32N4305ARXXL), widely considered to be the best LED TV under 15,000 INR, as well as the best 32 inch smart TV currently in the market come with the personal computer mode within the smart TV. Through this mode, users can use their smart TVs as personal computers, and can work from the cloud, or mirror their laptop onto the TV screen which provides greater convenience, or can remotely access their office computer.

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