What is a pre-shipment lab test?

What is a pre-shipment lab test?

Pre-shipment inspection is an important step that should be taken seriously by trade operators like suppliers, buyers, agencies. The reason is to inspect the newly manufactured products before exporting, shipping or importing the products. 

  • KRT lab test is important for several reasons like:
  • Checking the quality and quantity of different merchandise
  • Checking products for any type of defects
  • Ensuring that the products should meet all the necessary safety requirement of your destination market
  • Issuing the report for billing and importing

Pre-shipment lab testing was introduced as the agreement to improve the standard of international trade. This type of lab testing or inspection should be applied according to different principles like transparency, non-discrimination and the protection of different confidential business information, avoidance of any delay, price verification of similar or identical goods in your exportation country in which the exporter will get the opportunity to explain the charged price. Inspection agencies usually appeal to different procedures and findings that are made available to your other exporters.

Types of inspection:

Only the accredited inspection agencies perform this pre-shipment inspection or the lab testing midway of the production or when the production is 80% complete just. With the process, you will get your final opportunity to take all the necessary corrective actions before the entire production is shipped. This can be an effective tool for you to safeguard the product against any of the risk involved in the importing process. This inspection process covers performance, functionality, durability, dimensions and overall appearances.

This type of KRT lab test is carried out usually on-site or at the factory of your production house. If the inspectors of the products suspect that the products can contain any type of restricted chemicals, they will suggest the off-site lab testing of the products again. If the products have any toxic materials like toxins or lead, they will suggest you go for another lab test to check the chemicals and to ensure that the products should come out clean for shipment.

The inspectors will check and count also the shipping cartons so that they can ensure the right quality and quantity both and also that the right number of boxes and products will be shipped to its destination. This type of pre-shipment can be set between the suppliers, buyers and the manufactures. The packaging of the products is checked also to verify that the right packaging materials have been used to ensure proper labels and safe transportation.

Another important part of the lab test is the conformity verification. In this category, the inspectors check the color, weight, labeling and marking of the goods. If the inspection is carried out for garments, the inspectors will check whether the right sized are assigned to the shipment, whether the quality is apt and whether there are right label and dimensions.

For other types of products, dimension is more important. Safety tests of the products should be done also to determine the zippers, buttons, stretch test, fatigue tests etc. these inspectors use special tools for proper lab testing.

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