All You Need To Know About Dry Cough

Torex cough syrup for dry cough

Cough is a reflex action that helps to clear the nasal passage, windpipe, and lungs. The cough could be productive and unproductive. The productive cough is defined as the production of mucus, and phlegm. The productive cough is easy to cure and less painful. The dry cough is known as an unproductive cough. This type of cough does not produce mucus. Cough is associated with pain in the chest, running nose, watery eyes, and fever.

     The dry cough could be cured by home remedies that are safe and ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. Ginger tea is very helpful for dry cough as ginger has antiviral, decongestant properties. A paste of ginger juice, fresh Tulsi leaves, and honey together cure dry cough.

Before talking about treating dry cough it will be good to know what is coughing. Coughing refers to a natural reflex that clears the throat and also the lungs from certain irritants. If you have infrequent cough then there is nothing to worry about as it is absolutely normal and you need not be concerned about it. But having a frequent persisting cough can be a sign of an underlying medical condition that needs to be treated. Dry cough, also known as tickly cough is mainly caused due to the presence of irritants in your throat and this kind of cough generally does not bring any mucus or phlegm. Dry cough causes a prickling sensation in your throat. Even the doctors classify dry cough into chronic where coughing usually lasts longer than 8 weeks and acute where coughing is not so frequent but can be infectious

     Inhalation of steam also helps to cure dry cough. Torex cough syrup for dry cough is a very e safe and helpful medicine. Torex syrup contains 3 ingredients that are very helpful to remove all the energies related to cough. The spirit helps to remove mucus from the nasal passage, windpipe, and lungs. The syrup dosage should be taken after the advice of the doctor. The syrup should be consumed after reading all the precautions mentioned on the label of the syrup. The syrup could be taken thrice a day.

     There are several home remedies to cure dry cough

  1. Honey- honey could be taken by the people who are suffering from dry cough as it brings relief to windpipe that is irritated due to dry cough. Honey is also mixed with ginger and Tulsi and taken both in dry and wet cough conditions. Honey cures inflammation of the windpipe.
  2. Ginger- Ginger has antibacterial, antiviral anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger roots dipped in water and consumed during dry cough helps to provide relief to irritated windpipe.
  3. Use of aromatherapy- Eucalyptus oil drops put into water and inhaled through diffuser and inhaler helps to cure dry cough.
  4. The use of humidifier dry cough is caused due to dryness in the air. The use of humidifiers restores moisture in the air and helps to provide relief during dry cough.
  5. Peppermint- Peppermint has soothing properties and is used during dry cough inform of peppermint lozenges, and peppermint oil is put into the diffuser and inhaled during dry cough.
  6. Marshmallow drops- marshmallow drops are very helpful in curing dry cough. It was taken by putting them into ginger tea. Marshmallow has anti-inflammatory properties.

Torex cough syrup for dry cough should be taken after the advice of the doctor. You should not drive a vehicle after taking Torex syrup. It should be kept under normal room temperature and away from the reach of the children. Torex syrup numbs nerve endings of the windpipe that are irritated due to dry cough. The syrup provides relief from the persistent dry cough after a single dose. The people suffering from diabetes should carefully monitor their sugar levels after the intake of Torex syrup. The person should inform the doctor about any allergic reactions after intake of syrup. The syrup has anti-inflammatory properties.

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