Things that you never knew you could personalize

Things that you never knew you could personalize

It seems like an impossible task to find out a perfect gift for your loved ones. A gift should be:

  • Personal and unique
  • A useful item
  • Not too expensive

Here, we’ve got the answers to your gifting problems. We all know that it’s always a great feeling to receive any type of gift, but there’s something is very special and unique about a personalized gift. Choose a gift that can be easily personalized in some unique way. It can be a simple monogram of the recipient’s name, a personal photograph imprinted on it or designed with a personalized text message. Someone who prefers a unique custom gift, knows very well how amazing it feels to have something that has a personal touch.

You might be wondering about the expenses of buying a personalized gift. Well, it’s not always spending thousands of bucks on a single gift. Starting from Rs 100-150 to high-end luxurious gifts your friends will appreciate a lot. Here, are the customized gifts most popular on the market.

  • Personalized photo mug: what can be more attractive than gifting personalized cups to your loved ones on their special occasion? It may be your best friend’s birthday and you haven’t sorted out the gift yet. What is the last-minute solution? The answer is – a personalized coffee mug with a beautiful photograph of your best friend. Or you can add some more photographs to make a collage of them. Add a personalized text to express your true emotion for your best friend. Nothing can be a better choice than such a beautifully designed personalized photo mug. It’s pocket-friendly, starting from Rs. 299 to amazing magical mugs at Rs. 749 – lots of variations are available. 
  • Personalized photo book album: Gift a photo book album personalized with the recipient’s photographs. It can be casual everyday moments or memorable events for your loved ones. It will be a perfect personalized gift that holds every single memory that one can enjoy even after years later. It’s the best way to preserve someone’s beautiful pictures that used to get hidden in our cluttered phone memory cards. Don’t let it happen with your family members. So, if you are celebrating a family day, nothing can match up perfectly with such a beautifully designed custom photo book album. Choose an available template. Send the pictures and associated text messages. The designing team will create the photo book for you and print it as per your request. Starting from Rs. 1800, you will have hundreds of digital photo book designs available up to Rs 3700.
  • Custom bobblehead miniature: a custom bobblehead statue is the best way to make a person happy. When someone sees a miniature doll having a bobblehead that looks exactly like him/her – it can be the best surprise ever. All you need to do is to provide a front-faced photograph of the recipient and choose a lower body part. It can be a sportsperson, a corporate, teacher, singer, dancer or anything that matches the personality of the recipient. 

See, how excited the person becomes after seeing these beautifully personalized items.

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