Some indoor flowers that will add color and vibrance to your house

Some indoor flowers that will add color and vibrance to your house

We all love flowers, isn’t it? We all love to see them, smell them, and have them at our homes. The problem arises when you bring flowers to your home but are unable to grow them and cultivate them, and they go bad. Flowers generally need a full-fledged garden to properly bloom, but there are some indoor flowers and plans that you can bring in and grow inside your house in small vases. These scintillating flowers will bring vibrant colors to your house along with mesmerizing aroma that will cheer you up when you come home from a hectic day at work. Let us look at some of these flowers you can grow indoors.

Hoya Carnosa

These flowers are very easy to grow and also are prominent with the name Wax plants. It has a pink texture that adds cuteness to your house and is durable in a variety of climates. These flowers do very-well in low-light settings. The shape of these flowers is in the form of a star and this tropical flower stands out in the looks department.


The main attraction of these flowers and plants is that they come in the shape of a heart, and are lovely to look at, especially when in a romantic mood. They aren’t short of colors as well and come in colors like purple, pink, red, and white. They are suitable for humid weather. As we know that there are a variety of edible flowers and their medicinal uses are insurmountable but Anthurium is not one of them and should not be ingested.


These are African flowers having marvelous frilly eaves with leaves that are heavy on the greener side. Filtered sunlight is the best for these flowers and you can keep them on a windowpane where they get that bright filtered sunlight and add vibrance to your home from there. They flower for long intervals as well and will be with you for quite some time. 


People love these flowers in the holiday season. These are very soft flowers and have a reputation of going out early but the truth is that with the right care these will bloom for a number of months and keep your home beautiful with their presence. It has a yellowish texture that goes with Indian festivals and occasions perfectly. 


These are the springtime flowers. They have a deep and vibrant pink color and leaves that are bright with light green color. The most important thing these flowers need the most is moist soil and direct sunlight. If you are able to provide them these they will be at your balcony for the whole spring season and will give out vibrance to everyone. 

Christmas Cactus

These are some of the longest-living house plants. They have a wonderfully old-fashioned look and are not fussy at all. You just have to bring them home and with little care as well, they will bloom for a long time. These have some wonderful color combinations like pure whites with reds, pink, coral, etc. All these flowers can now be bought with flower delivery online service in India.

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