6 Tips for Keeping Your Android Fast-Moving

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Androids come in a great range. They have eye-watering displays and capture photos with their diverse range of megapixels. Androids are lower in price than iOS and thus people tend to buy the cheap ones, to enjoy the experience of a smartphone and also to not spend a lot of money. If someone has spent a lot of money on a value-focused Android, then they probably want to keep it away from every problem and make it run as smoothly as possible. The feeling of phone lag when you are in a rush is the worst feeling. In order to solve this issue, there are some handy tips to ensure that your smartphone stay is speedy, otherwise, you will have to take it to a cell phone repair shop.

25% empty phone storage

The Android phones if compared have less memory when they are distinguished by their prices. For example, if we compare to Samsung models DS20 ultra bags will have the ultimate storage of 128 GB and will have a 128GB ram. Whereas the A20 will have a 32GB and 3GB ram respectively.

Both of the models can run very fast if you let 25% space free. The mid-range phone storage fills up more quickly, so it is important for you to manage the space of the phone.

For example, one solution is to disable your WhatsApp’s automatic media sync. This can be done because the photos and videos from many of the groups that you are how did in will quickly clog up your memory. In order to do this, you have to open WhatsApp, click the three dots on the top right, go to the settings then chats and then turn off media visibility. What if you are one of those who do not like to throw anything away there is always an option of a micro SD card which can add up to the memory of your phone.

You can put in any memory card you want depending on the amount of storage you need for your phone. In order to make use of the memory card you have installed, go to My files app, then select the files/folders tab, and from here you can move them by tapping on the SD card. After choosing the desired destination folder you are done with it.

Clear your cache

it is very important to clear the cache on your phone. to do this you just have to go to the settings and then storage and clean now. In order to do this to the specific apps, you have to go to the other apps and select ‘clear cache’ for the ones you wish to clean up.

Some of the Android phones come with a smart manager pre-installed that helps you to manage the cache of your phone. It can be downloaded on any Android device if you want to manage things an easy way.


This is also an easy way to speed up your Android smartphone. Animations are not important for the running of the smartphone and they can actually slow it down. If your phone is a less powerful device then you should expect many bugs.

In order to turn them off you have to enable the developer option for that you have to go to the settings, then about the phone and then tap build number a few times. Once you are done with this you go to the settings, developer options, and set your window animation scale and translation scale to zero.

Restrict background data

there is always a pop up whenever Android users open a new app to ask if they want to restrict it. You should take yes to keep your CPUs focused on the things you need to. Allowing your apps to run in the background can also slow down your phone please stop in order to change this you have to go to the developer options, then apps and then make the apps inactive.

Making your phone run smoothly is not as difficult as people think there it is. It just requires some patience and some smart techniques to do so. Happy Android using!

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