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Open a company in the USA? Setting up a company abroad is a way forward for many entrepreneurs. Opening a new company to do business in the United States can be an exciting undertaking, but at the same time it can scare the entrepreneur a little. Often, setting up a company in an overseas country might be complex. Fortunately, company registration in USA does not present lots of difficulties. The embedding procedures are quite comfortable and there is, in addition, the possibility to access different resources. On the other hand, the United States has always welcomed overseas companies that want to do business and sell products in the United States and to day the situation has not changed. Furthermore, in order to start a company in the United States there is no need to be resident there, nor to have American citizenship.

What is Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?

Both to find a less rigorous and more attentive legal and contractual discipline and to better plan one’s fiscal position. The occasion to speak about the USA is the recent reform introduced by the so-called “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” of the American President Donald Trump. The United States has benefited from considerable visibility and is currently one of the most popular places to start new business activities. The attention of the public has been attracted above all by the substantial cut in corporate income taxation from 35 to 21% with the simultaneous elimination of some of the previously envisaged deductions. A study by “Credit Suisse” estimated that, against an official rate of 35%, US companies paid an average of 27% in taxes before the reform. With the changes introduced only 20%, with an increase in net profit per share of more than 10%.

Are you going to open An LLC?

LLC is a pass-through corporate form. This implies that the income produced is charged directly to the shareholders. This can be a problem for small American branches of Indian companies. Owners are expected to file tax returns in the US for both the company and themselves. The latter hypothesis would require the assistance of a specialized consultant or virtual CFO services in India. This is to avoid that the owner’s Indian income is considered in the calculation of the “worldwide income” that the American tax authorities require to declare if deemed to be US residents for tax purposes. In essence, therefore, the excise of the LLC is that of the individual tax rate for those who own it.

Best Place to start a business in US

Usually, the best place to start a new company in the United States is where you mainly want to do business. Perhaps, if you are a company that works online through an e-commerce site or wants to do business in multiple American states, it would be finest to prefer to set up the company in a state with lesser tax charges. The state, which is disreputably easy on the pocket for entrepreneurs, is Delaware.

Delaware is mainly friendly due to the highly advanced corporate law system that provides important security to shareholders and managers. Incorporating a company into Delaware requires nothing surplus a permanent address and a bank account.

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