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French terry fabric is formulated from knitting technologies. In a lot of ways, this fabric is similar to a jersey as there are regular loops on one side and on the other side soft build-up of the yarn. French terry is a light weighted comfortable fabric to wear. The notable features of this fabric are that it is cosy, absorbs moisture in an easy way and ensures that the body is cool.The fabrics can be synthetic or natural as some of them could be more in demand while others can be less. A common type of fabric that has its fair share of misunderstandings is a viscose lycra fabric. In order to have a fair understanding of the fabric let us analyse it in detail to have a better understanding. It finds the use in the manufacturing of sweatpants, T-shirts and pulls overs. If you are thinking to wear something during your exercise sessions or going to a gym, then this fabric is an excellent choice. In fact, it provides a cool and stylish personality to the person who is wearing it. Take note that French terry is a lot different from the normal variant of this fabric as it is softer and absorbent.

The fabric is easy to maintain and is not going to cost you a lot of money be it for servicing or dry cleaning. Below are mentioned some pointers where you can ensure that French terry fabric is in excellent condition

  •   Regular washing- The best way to take care of your fabric is to wash it regularly after every wear. Since the fabric assumes to be absorbent there is a strong chance it soaks in the sweat that makes it sting. You can get rid of the odour if you wash it in water with a mild detergent.
  • Non-wrinkle- the fabric is a non- wrinkle one. It points to the fact that the clothes developed from this fabric are not going to have any wrinkles.The latter is more of carbohydrate that you come across the boundaries of plants. The difference between a synthetic or manufactured fibre is figured out from the sustainability level. Viscose lycra fabric manufacturers drive home the point it is pretty much like cotton as it is made from wood pulp. You can consider it to be a partially handmade product.After every usage or wash, there is no need to iron your clothes.
  •   Cold water washing and rinsing- one of the best ways to wash French terry fabric is to rinse it in a bucket of cold water. Not only it is going to soak in all the dirt but even the odour and sweat where your cloth is going to look brand new all over again.

Do keep in mind that the price of French terry  fabric is higher in comparison to the other terry fabric types.  The reasons for its high demand is follows

  •   Raw material- the material is that normally used is high-quality cotton. It is a 100 % pure fabric of cotton and the final product that emerges is the best of quality
  •   Process- the process that is put to use for manufacturing French terry fabric is different from the other fabric types. The advanced process makes it a precise process whereby you are not going to witness any type of manufacturing defect during the production stage
  •   Weight- when it comes to the quality of the fabric it is of supreme quality. As compared to terry cotton the width is higher. With the layers and width, when it is the case of other fabrics the weight is higher but not in the case of French terry

To conclude the demand for French terry is high due to its versatile quality.

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