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A unique element of decor- Pool tiles!

pool tiles

Glass pool tiles are an important elements of decoration. Whether it’s your house, workplace, washroom or any other room, these tiles are a perfect fit for all the types. To be precise, the world tile is derived from the French word known as tuile which is again derived from the word tegula, which means a roof tile that is composed of the baked clay. When the making of these tiles start, it begins with the production of the water and clay and then kneeling them by hands and feet until it reaches a very high flexibility and homogeneity.

Facts about Glass pool tiles

  • Glass pool tiles cover the walls, columns, floors and various spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, living and dining rooms and various other spaces that you like. These are the spaces that do no only include the residences but can also include workspaces, hotels, theatres, restaurants, and various other things.
  • The best part about the swimming pool tiles is that it takes up various motifs that are unique. It includes floral, geometric, and chiseled in the colors you like. Every motif and color remains a symbol and has a very special importance in the iconography of the Glass pool and Islamic art. However, it is understandable that the needs, tastes and preferences of the clients might change and so does the motifs and colors as per their needs.
  • Another fascinating fact about Glass pool tiles is that it can be used to produce various beautiful table fountains with versatile range of colors and motifs present. These are the fountains can either be a central part of the wall or any other thing. It is placed opposite to the main wall entrance or it can be used in front where the visitors are faced immediately after entering, and so on. These tiles can easily become a focus of the zillij decoration.
  • You must understand that fountain is one of the most important element of the Glass pool tiles because water is an epitome of life in Islam. In the hot Islamic climate, the water from the courtyard and pools cools down as per the decoration. Water has various other forms. It not only reflects architecture but also multiply all the decorative themes and serves as a means of emphasizing and encouraging various visual axes.

Benefits of Swimming pool tiles

Creative benefits include the following –

  • It features up historic, artistic, cultural and architectural themes.
  • It creates an innovative atmosphere by blending various colors, shapes, designs and textures.

Economic and Technical benefits

  • This tile provides one of the strongest mechanical finishes to the exterior and the interior.
  • It is also fire-resistant and it will not burn away at any cost under any temperature or produce any toxic fumes.
  • The best part is that the colors of these tiles are permanent. It is unaffected by the UV rays and it also does not fade away from exposure to the sun.
  • It is non-conductive and will not produce an electric shock.
  • These tiles are also ideal in terms of sensitive computer installations and in the corporate settings and home offices.
  • It also offers high insulation values and acts as a natural cooling element during the summer months. It also retains the ambient heat in the chilled weather.

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We wish you a happy decor with mosaic pool  Tiles!

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