Ways to Celebrate your BFF’s Birthday in Gurgaon

A birthday is one of the most important and special days of your BFF’s life and they have left no stone unturned over the past years to make your birthday celebrations a hit. This time, it is your duty to make them feel super special by celebrating their birthday in the best way possible. Let them expect the unexpected from you. If you and your BFF resides in Gurgaon, then there are surely so many options through which you can celebrate your BFF’s birthday. So, let’s get started with the ways to celebrate your BFF’s birthday.

Visit Sector 29 or Golf Course Road

A visit to one of the two places in Gurgaon will get you and your bestie to an amazing venue. There are a lot of beautiful restaurants and bars in these areas. If you are planning to host a surprise birthday party, then you decide the venue and send the invitations to all the friends that you want in their party. If you ask for our advice, you can go to Friction The Drinkery or The Clock Tower.

Midnight Surprise at Doorstep

Is your bestie living near your area? If yes, then you are surely going to surprise them the most this way. Gather their friends and knock at their door at midnight. Wish them a very happy birthday along with some flowers and gifts. To make it more sweet and delicious, avail midnight cake delivery in Gurgaon and let your BFF go WOW with your crazy gesture. Now just tune in some pop songs and let the midnight party begin.

Short Trip to Nearby Spots

If you and your BFF are bored of visiting places in Gurgaon, then get your car out and visit nearby places like Noida or Delhi. You can also travel by Metro to spots like Connaught Place, Dilli Haat, DLF, etc. Spend the day with them and have some great food or watch a movie to make the day memorable for them.

Bonfire Birthday Party at Backyard

Just thinking about this will send you to the seventh sky. Imagine the smile on your BFF’s face and the butterflies running down their stomach when they see your thoughtful surprise. Arrange a bonfire party by inviting close friends. Get some grills to make the food over the bonfire and make sure that you have enough stock of beer, whiskey, vodka, etc. to get the party going.

ZOOM Virtual Birthday Party

A birthday party idea if you and your BFF can’t go out to celebrate because of any reason. The ZOOM application will let you connect with your BFF and other friends. Get ready with a dress code and let the video virtual party commend. Sing songs for your BFF or dance or do some other fun activities and ask all other friends to do the same.

So, these were some different ways to celebrate your BFF’s birthday. Make sure that you get them a fabulous birthday gift as well.

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