How to Avoid Smartphone Phishing Scams?

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Smartphones are wonderful as they help us perform a lot of tasks proficiently especially when they are connected to the Internet. One can get access to a lot of information and data 24/7 with the help of them. but with the advantages come the disadvantages. it is also hard to protect your personal information to go out in the hands of some malicious person. Cybercrime activities have been increased a lot since the muse of smartphones. as the people who are criminals are smarter than ever and are quick to adapt to the new novelties of the digital world. With so many advantages it is also very easy to gain access to personal and sensitive data in this digital world.

Door developers of both Android and iOS have installed strong security features in the phones but sometimes it is difficult to protect from phishing attempts and other cybersecurity attacks. This article explains some common types of smartphone phishing scams and how to avoid them.

Types of Smartphone Phishing Scams

SMS-based phishing:

Smishing is the kind of scam when cybercriminals or attackers send text messages with links that are used to steal the user’s data if they open it. The scammers pretend to be your bank and ask about your pin to make you win a lucky draw or make you believe that you have won something.

The messages they sent are so innocent that a normal person cannot recognize if it is a scam or not. In order to be safe from this, you have to check the sender’s details and go through the message carefully. You can also make a call to the concerned person to see if it is true or not.

One needs to have a very keen eye to identify such scams. You should simply keep in mind that a reliable phone repair company or organization will never ask for your confidential details over messages. They will also warn you about not telling your personal details to anyone, so it is better that you look carefully at what kind of link you are opening.

Call Based Phishing

Call based phishing is more or less the same method used in SMS phishing But in this case, they will make a call and ask the users to provide their personal details. call best scammers are experienced operators and they can mimic the bank tellers and customer service representatives very well. It is very easy for them to want personal details of the users and they can also create fake caller IDs to look professional and authentic. In order to avoid such situations, you should have built-in Call blockers do identify what kind of a number is calling you from. You can simply block them and put such numbers in spam so that they cannot tease you again.

Malicious Apps

Malicious apps have been a common source of cybersecurity attacks in recent times. Many hackers are building such applications that look attractive and when the users install them it will simply provide all of the details present on the smartphone to the hacker. That is why it is always suggested to not use apps that are not manufactured by the developers of Android and iOS.  Authentic apps are always verified and marked as protected by the app stores themselves. You can also check for the reviews to see what kind of app it is. In order to avoid application scams, you should always avoid third-party applications.

Social Media Phishing

Social media is a major part of today’s digital world. There have been many cases of fake profiles and malicious activities all around the world. No matter how reliable and trustworthy a profile is you can never trust anyone on the digital platform. The text you and ask for your personal information. Scammers build the profiles to make you their friend in order to gain your trust and then scam you in the worst possible way. That is why it is always suggested to limit your personal information and data on social media profiles so that you can stay protected from these attacks.

How to Avoid Phishing Scams on Your Smartphone

There are some of the tips that can help you to avoid these scams on your smartphone. If you love to be on a digital platform and it is necessary for you to ensure your presence, then it is suggested that you take these steps as soon as possible.

  • Turn Basic Security Guards on
  • Use Official and Trusted Apps
  • Learn the Basic Security Measures
  • Use safe Browsers
  • Anti-virus Software for Mobile

These are some easy ways to avoid phishing scams. Have you been a victim of such scams? Let us know in the comments section.

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