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Planning for a Long-Distance Move

Planning for a Long-Distance Move

If you plan on moving due to a job change, there are essential steps you should take before the move. Most importantly, you need to get your new address recognized by everyone who knows or does business with you.

It includes all of your current contacts, family members who send mail, banks where you have accounts, and finance companies that hold mortgages or auto loans.

Below are ways to plan for a long-distance move

1. Work with a moving company

A moving company can help you with your relocation by providing advice on packing items carefully, determining if any furniture or appliances need to be replaced before the move, and the best way to arrange for transportation.

2. Arrange utilities

Contact local utility companies in advance and explain that you have a long-distance move. Some companies may require you to pre-pay, so be sure to collect the necessary information from all providers before you move.

3. Cancel subscriptions and memberships

Contact your local newspapers and magazines to explain that you have a long-distance move, and a person’s name will be on file at their new location for future editions.

Also, cancel any club memberships that you may have, such as a health club or video store.

4. Update your address book

Ensure each family member and friend knows their contacts’ new address and phone number. Keep these in one place, so it’s easy to update everyone at once.

5. Cancel credit cards and buy traveler’s checks

Before you leave, contact the card issuer and ask to have your cards canceled. Keep a record of the cancellation numbers in a safe place.

You might also want to purchase some traveler’s checks before you leave because it will be several weeks before you receive new ones from the issuer.

6. Provide family members with information about financial matters

Make sure each family member has access to the same information about bank accounts, taxes, insurance policies, and loans. It will prevent any disputes that might arise.

7. Plan to close accounts

If you leave a credit card account and open an account in the new location, make sure your balance is zero before leaving.

Also, if you have a safe deposit box at a local bank or credit union, call them and ask that it be sealed until you go for access. Some institutions may charge extra for this service.

8. Arrange for mail delivery

One of the most important things you’ll need is to arrange for someone to pick up your mail while you are away or have it forwarded to your new location. You can do this by calling your local post office.

9. Take care of your pets

If you have pets, make arrangements for their care before you leave. You can try boarding them at a kennel or find someone to take care of them during the day and bring them home in the evening.

Final notes

Before you move, please make a list of all the items in your home and keep it in a safe place. Also, create a list of emergency numbers (utilities, family members) that you can access when you get to your new location.

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