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Everything about Natural Rugs

The natural rugs have been customer’s favourite for a long time because of its dainty texture and colours. The best part about natural rugs is that they go with almost every décor. Their colour goes in contrast with every interior setup. They are pocket friendly and gorgeous at the same time. The natural rugs are also of various kinds and consumers get confused about which one to buy. So, here is a guide to help consumers which natural rug to buy. It will tell about every natural rug and their characteristics:

  • Jute rugs 

Jute is one of the cheapest fibres and next to cotton; it is the most produced fibre. It is a bast fibre from the family of soft fibres. Other fibres similar to it are flax and hemp. Jute fibre is the best one for certain textile applications. The jute fibre is also called the ‘golden fibre’. This fibre is strong, natural and biodegradable which makes it environment friendly. The jute comes from plant’s stalk which is then soaked, stripped and spun before weaving.

The main features one should consider before buying jute rug is that it is affordable, tan coloured, soft, resembles wool, easily maintained, stronger and flexible.

  • Seagrass rugs

Seagrass grows on the banks of rivers. The tropical climate is most suitable for growing seagrass. The seagrass is a flowering plant that is found underwater. It requires sunlight for growing and mostly found in water that is shallow. The fibre is also water-resistant as it grows in water. The tint of the fibre is mostly light green which fades out to khaki. The rugs made of this fibre are usually backed by latex.

The main reason for buying such rug is its durability, water-resistant, stain-resistant, eco-friendly and tough. It feels amazing on it even if one is barefoot walking on it.

  • Sisal rugs

The Sisal comes from the green leaves of sisalana or agave plant that is a cactus plant. It is a native to Brazil, Africa and Mexico. The sisal means durability and the agave means adorable and magnificent. Sisal is a vegetable fibre but roughest of all. It is a crop, which is most suitable for hot and dry weather conditions. The fibre is also used for making ropes and twines. The fibre can also be dyed in many colours.

The main reason for buying a sisal rug is its toughness, durability and bright appearance. While using a sisal rug one should take care of spillages as it would soak it immediately. They need to be cleaned immediately. Also, if someone is looking for a harder material than jute, sisal rugs are a perfect choice.

  • Hemp rugs

The hemp fibre is used in the textile industry since so many years. It is durable just like seagrass. The colour of hemp is coppery brown but to change it, it can be dyed as well. The hemp fibre is extremely strong and mould resistant. It is also easy to clean. In the beginning, the rug can be hard but it softens with time and use.

So, these were the features of different kinds of natural rugs. One can go through them and consider which is best for them.

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