Discover The Magic of Color Theory with Ram Chary Everi

Discover The Magic of Color Theory with Ram Chary Everi

Colors have a mesmerizing effect on people. The right color combination can lift your mood and senses, whereas the wrong one can make you sad. There is a common misconception that color is just for decoration. This is not so. Color theory refers to how these colors mix and later interact to produce different results via visual arts like design and painting. 

Ram Chary Everi and how to use the color theory

Ram Chary Everi is a leading photographer and graphic designer from the USA. He has a blog where he shares interesting facts and knowledge about both fields that are immensely close to his heart. When it comes to the color theory, it helps those people in graphic design to invoke the correct impressions. 

Knowledge of this color theory helps you get a competitive edge in the market. It enables you to create logos that combine the right colors to promote better the brand or the company’s image to the targeted audience. According to him, color theory enables the colors to mix and interact with one another effectively. The idea can produce different results via visual arts like design and painting. 

Harmony and balance 

Those new to graphic design should know how to optimize the color wheel, a famous symbol of harmony and balance. The color wheel serves as an effective tool to teach beginners the fundamentals of color theory. From the above, the individual can determine the colors that complement one another. For instance, these colors are opposite each other in terms of contrast. Green is the opposite of red on the spectrum, and purple contrasts with yellow. These combinations create a unique and powerful difference between the colors when combined and used with one another. The overall effect is something that comes with a great impression on the viewer’s mind.

A guide for color 

The color theory is, in fact, a logical structure for design. For instance, if you have an assortment of vegetables and fruits, you can organize them with the help of color. They can be placed in a circle in such a way that shows them with one another. 

In the opinion of Ram Chary Everi every logo or graphical design should have a goal or purpose to reach out to the targeted audience. This is where the color wheel and theory have a considerable part to play. When it comes to learning the basics of graphic design, one should always start with the color theory to create a visually pleasing effect. Harmony and balance are the keys. The color theory helps you to bring in these elements successfully. According to him, if the human eye and brain do not see anything harmonious or in balance, the whole effect is boring and chaotic. The brain cannot accept what the eye fails to organize as it cannot be understood. Every visual task needs a logical presentation and structure. Here, the color theory presents order and visual interest with success!

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