All you need to know about playing games of chess

All you need to know about playing games of chess

Do you think everything in the chess world is getting a bit too real for you? Fantasy chess sets are the perfect complement; these themed chess sets might be inspired by legendary creatures or legends. They gracefully distribute themselves around the theme globe. You’ll see that there’s something for everyone if you look across the chessboard. The Zodiac signs fight it out on a starry battlefield, with Don Quixote attacking windmills before his friend, Sancho, could stop him, and Robin Hood and his Merry Men on the Sheriff of Nottingham swinging from the trees. Let’s have a look at how you can enjoy playing chess online 2 player

We all have played the game of chess. It is not new but there are experts who still are coming up with new ideas that show how the game has to be played and how you can win it. There are only a few tricks that need to be followed and you can easily enjoy winning over the rivals. Are you looking out for the ways that can help you out then let’s first begin to understand some basics about the chess game. 

What is the most effective chess strategy?

Your opponent’s King must be kept in check at all times. You can win if your opponent gives up or runs out of time before you. Start with the fundamentals and quickly advance to Fantasy Chess Champion!

  • How to Get Started in the Game: One of the first player’s eight pawns or knights is placed in front of the other. The regulations are the same for the opposing player.
  • Getting a win in a game: One of the winning techniques is to checkmate your opponent. When the king is attacked or checked, all of the king’s possible movements are checked as well.

Chess pieces of importance and their movements

Let’s have a look at the many chess pieces that are important in the game:

Each player has eight Pawns, two Knights, two Bishops, two Rooks, a Queen, and a King. Knights, Bishops, and Rooks are designated as belonging to the Queen or King depending on which side of the King or Queen they start on (e.g. Queen’s Knight). The Pawns are called for the piece in front of them (e.g., Queen’s Bishop’s Pawn). You can be a part of the game by browsing for chess online free and have a blast with your tricks and tips. 

• Pawn

Pawns can only move forward; they cannot reverse. They can move one or two squares on their first move, but only one square on each subsequent move. To capture an opponent’s piece, the Pawn must strike diagonally ahead. If a chess piece is in front of a Pawn, it cannot advance until it can attack another piece diagonally. Pawns have a specific move that they can employ to capture an opponent’s piece.

• Knight

Knights are the only chess pieces that can jump over other pieces. They are wonderful pieces to move at the start of the game since they can hop over the pawns. Knights in an L-shape can move three squares in each direction at a time.

• Rook

Rooks can move any number of spaces on the squares, either forwards or backwards (called files) or side to side (called ranks), but they can’t jump over any other pieces. If an opponent piece is moving in the same direction as the Rook, the Rook can capture it.

• Queen

The Queen can move any number of spaces on the squares forward or backward, side to side, or diagonally, but she cannot jump over any piece. If an opponent piece gets in the way of the Queen’s movement, the Queen can capture it.

• King

The King can only go in one direction at a time. If the King moves on a tile occupied by an enemy piece, the opponent piece is taken. The rook has a special move that the King might employ to defend himself. This is referred to as “castling.” To castle on the Queen’s side, move the King two squares towards the Queen’s Rook, then jump the Rook over the King to the other side’s square.

Tips and tricks to enjoy playing the game of chess

Want to know what can you do to win the game? Let’s help you out:

Learn how to move

Each chess piece can only move in one direction. A pawn, for example, advances straight ahead but can only assault one square at a time. The movement of a knight is L-shaped. The bishop may travel more than one square at a time and moves at an angle. The rook (castle) may only move in one direction: forward, backward, or to the side. The most powerful piece, the queen, may move in any direction for any number of squares, but not in both directions at the same time. And the king goes at a sedate pace, one square at a time in any direction, like a monarch should.

Use a pawn to open

Move the pawn two squares forward in front of the king or queen. (A pawn can only move two squares on its first move.) This allows your bishops and queen to enter the game more easily. If pawns are in the path, they move at an angle and can’t go out into the battlefield.

Remove the bishops and knights

Move your knights and bishops to the centre of the board before moving your queen, rooks, or king. To assault, you need to pull these pieces out from behind the pawns.

Be aware of your background!

Also, the front! “What did my opponent’s previous move do?” always come to mind when it’s your time. “What is he up to?” you might wonder. Is he setting traps for you to fall into? Then make your own decision. Always consider all of your options. 


When you attack your opponent’s King, you say “Check.” This warns your opponent that a checkmate is possible. When you attack your opponent’s King and he is unable to flee, you say “Checkmate” or “Check and Mate,” implying that the game is over and you have won. If neither player can make a legal move with any of the remaining pieces on the board and is not under check during the game, the game is a stalemate. If both players think they are unable to win, they might agree to a draw or choose to play fantasy chess.

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