5 Reasons Why You Should See A Dermatologist

Most people are plagued by skin problems. Some of the most common skin problems that almost everyone faces in their lifetime are blemishes and wrinkles. However, there are many other skin disorders that need treatment. While some are mild, some others are very severe and can affect your day-to-day activities. Skin doctors who are also called dermatologists treat such skin conditions. We list below five reasons when you should visit a dermatologist in mumbai.

  • Acne – One of the most common skin condition that effects almost everyone at some point of their lives is acne. Acne includes pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, and deep cysts. This generally happens due to excess production of sebum rom the oil glands. The oil clogs the skin pores. Ace usually occurs during teenage years but can also happen later. Although it is generally harmless, it can be annoying. It makes you diffident, self-conscious and low on self-esteem. You must visit a dermatologist when you suffer from acne. Doctor may prescribe over the counter creams, gels, and medicines. In more severe cases, you may have to undergo laser therapy
  • Eczema – A number of chronic skin conditions that causes skin inflammation is called eczema. The symptoms include red swollen itchy and dry skin. This skin condition, though not life threatening, needs treatment, as it is uncomfortable and lowers one’s self esteem. Atopic dermatitis is a common type of eczema, which usually affects mall children. A rash can be seen on the cheeks or on other body parts. Tests and a skin examination can detect eczema. The doctor may prescribe over the counter medicines, gels and ointments to lessen the severity of the conditional healthy skin care routine must be followed too.
  • Signs of Aging – As you grow older you skin starts ageing. This can be evident from wrinkles, dryness or skin discolorations, which are also known as, age spots. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and smoking are two predominant reasons for the skin to show worsening signs of ageing. You must wear a sunscreen when you go out in the sun. Having a healthy diet and abstaining from smoking and alcohol can protect the skin. There are many anti-ageing treatments available which tightens the skin and even out the wrinkles. A dermatologist can perform laser therapy give Botox injections, chemical peels to help you give a younger skin.
  • Skin Cancer – Skin cancer is not uncommon. If diagnosed early, it can be cured easily. However, a type of cancer called melanoma is more dangerous. When you show symptoms like irregular skin growths that change in size, colour, shape and texture, it is a sign for you to visit a dermatologist these may itch, hurt or even bleed. You must visit a dermatologist for routine check-ups for skin cancer.

It is recommended to go for a skin check-up at least once a year. The best dermatologist in Mumbai will not only treat your skin disorders but will also forewarn you of any impending skin danger.

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